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DGD230 - BLOG – 1 - STUDIO 3 – Project 1: Byron Bay Film Festival – AR Tag Space

DGD230 - BLOG – 1 - STUDIO 3 – Project 1: Byron Bay Film Festival – AR Tag Space

Project 1 – Week 1:

 Another trimester has begun and there are a bunch of new faces. We got to know each other quickly via an icebreaker exercise and were asked to create a personal mind-map about what design means to ourselves. Even at this stage of my course, the vastness of design can still cause me to question its purpose and take new forms as this personal reflection activity proved.


After this we were informed about our first project and as usual SAE has gone the extra mile to have us contributing to an important local event, the Byron Bay Film Festival. This is one of the things that sets SAE above other universities, these collaborations with external businesses are such great opportunities and add to the overall positive experience of studying at SAE.

Our contribution to the BBFF was to work with a AR business ‘Tag Space’ and create the informational and promotional AR tags around Byron locations during the BBFF. I was excited to be part of this as I really enjoyed the guest lecture we had last Tri learning more about this developing technology. I love finding out there are more or near endless pathways to be a designer, not only that but this opportunity adds another skill to the tool belt and experience to my resume. 

We began discussing as a group what locations around Byron would be best suited to tie in with the BBFF. There was an obvious focus on scenic and historical areas that would be of interest to movie enthusiasts and visiting tourists. My assigned AR tag location was the Pig House Flicks Cinema (I spoke up early to work on this location because I wanted a venue integral to the BBFF, also for better ‘me’ exposure).  

Before designing the Tag for my locale, I considered what content would be relevant. I asked myself, what is the narrative and overall visual theme or style that would connect with the BBFF? I felt the answer lay in the name of my assigned venue and genre of films typically shown there. The Pig House Flicks shows a lot of art house movies (some blockbusters too) and was also locally designed, created and installed, I wanted to emulate this by doing a hand drawn image of a pig, a house and film for an ‘artsy’ approach.

Here are a few mock ups of what I had in mind…

Pig House Pic.jpeg
Pig House Pic 1.jpeg
Pig House Pic 2.jpeg

There was an opportunity to collaborate with animation student’s but I already knew what I had in mind to do and time was a risky factor I thought when it came to building 3D models from scratch.

Luke Pidcock