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DGD230 - BLOG – 1 - STUDIO 3 – Project 2: Digital Children’s Book Illustration

Project 2 – Week 1:

Within the same week we were informed of our other exciting project to create a children’s book using digital illustration. Right up my talent alley I hear you think? Yes, it is and I was determined to make this a better experience than the last time. The good news was I already had a few stories written to choose from and lots of drawn content so a head start was a positive position to be in.

For this project, I would add a personal touch as the story I chose to work on was one I had written based on my interactions with my son when he was around the ages 4-5yrs old. As he was developing into a little person, his determination to be unrestricted and do the things adults did was a driving force. I still remember very clearly when he was a baby and first tried to lift his head up from the floor where he and I were laying, the grunts of frustration were a window into his instinctive mind to get moving and be independent.

These are the key values of the main character in my story, “Oliver The Not So Useful Cloud”. Before starting we were to create a mood-board and persona profile of our character to help develop and flush out or idea further, I also included some new and previous drawings.

Mood Board.jpg
Character Persona.jpg
PAGE 3.jpg
Luke Pidcock