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DGD230 - BLOG – 2 - STUDIO 3 – Project 1: Byron Bay Film Festival – AR Tag Space

DGD230 - BLOG – 2 - STUDIO 3 – Project 1: Byron Bay Film Festival – AR Tag Space

Project 1 – Week 2:

Before returning back to class for our first project I had gone to my location and took some photos and gathered some intel, the purpose of course was to see in person where the best “AR” position would be for my tag to go. This outing was also essential for me to be able to provide the appropriate longitudinal and latitudinal GPS coordinates to Tag Space for my tag, I was able to do this by finding it when searching google maps. 

We then spent the morning working on icon logos for our tag, I came up with a couple of based on the ideations I had worked on last week. For a colour scheme, it was decided that working with the BBFF colours was appropriate for relevant branding. I like these open discussion forums as it helps you think in-depth about your design and listening other’s suggestions can take that design in a direction that you may not have thought of. After a quick presentation of these options we discussed which of our icons worked or needed changes. I listened carefully and used my transferrable skill of taking on feedback and made the necessary adjustments.

Before finishing for the day, we were requested to also work on a mock-up for our main image, we were reminded to think about an idea or narrative i.e. history or interesting background information for our location and incorporate that into our work. I was about to move to a new house so felt the transferrable skill about time management was important to have all my work completed before leaving as I knew I would soon be very busy soon and our next meeting with Tag Space required content to work with before then. I wanted to show I could be reliable and responsible by providing the correct Below is my main image mock-up.


Luke Pidcock