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DGD230 - BLOG – 3 - STUDIO 3 – Project 1: Byron Bay Film Festival – AR Tag Space

DGD230 - BLOG – 3 - STUDIO 3 – Project 1: Byron Bay Film Festival – AR Tag Space

Project 1 – Week 3:

This lesson started off with a bit of a “grill session” about the quality and quantity of content submitted to Tag Space since our last meeting, a lot were caught off guard by this as there was some confusion about the specifications we were working to. It was quite the dressing down at times but I felt some valid were points raised regarding the organisation, view ability, format, UX and informational word count of the content supplied. I got the vibe that there wasn’t any time for unprofessionalism when dealing with this client, a spreadsheet we were working to was left blank in sections by some and we were drilled down on about potential real-world repercussions.

I was somewhat concerned because there hadn’t been any remarks about the content I supplied but I was relieved (and excited) to hear when I asked that it was the “shining example” of what was required, perhaps I should have contained my elation though as I don’t think the fist-bump to myself was well received by others after the grilling.

However, I still listened carefully to concerns raised as the way I saw it Tag Space was our client and this critical feedback was essential for us to be successful in our work for the project. I took lots of notes and absorbed the suggestions given about errors made or missing information and about getting the specifications for content correct. 


We did end the day on a fun note by heading into town for an excursion to see how our uploaded tags looked, it was cool to see this and was important to view it as people would for the BBFF so we could make any desired adjustments or required changes. Below is an example of my AR tag in the real world…

Luke Pidcock