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DGD230 - BLOG – 3 - STUDIO 3 – Project 2: Digital Children’s Book Illustration

DGD230 - BLOG – 3 - STUDIO 3 – Project 2: Digital Children’s Book Illustration

Project 2 – Week 3:

This week we continued working on our story book and were to add some polishing touches to our characters in Photoshop. I didn’t focus on this to this task at first as I wanted to get the layouts for each page of my book down, I was feeling a little behind in my work due to the new house move, extra shifts at work for related bills and school holidays. Such a contrast from the week before when I felt I was comfortably all over the project!

Book Stills Sketches WEB.jpg

Despite these concerns, I still found time to again help a classmate with some suggestions and pointers about tools to use in Illustrator. It was good to see someone else’s work come together and be a part of that process for which I was thanked for the input.

Now, this might seem like a waste of my own work time but it in fact caused me to re-evaluate my approach and make changes to the style I was going for with my own book. The images I was working on were too detailed for the time we had allotted to the project and I also just wasn’t feeling the look I had been working on.

After leaving class I decided to redesign my character style for a look I felt was more contemporary by experimenting visually outside my comfort zone. This is a great feeling to find out you are not limited in your creation and you can be adaptive by successfully creating a new look.

Below are some examples of and the changes I made to my character.

Luke Pidcock