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DGD230 - BLOG – 4 - STUDIO 3 – Project 2: Digital Children’s Book Illustration

DGD230 - BLOG – 4 - STUDIO 3 – Project 2: Digital Children’s Book Illustration

Project 2 – Week 4:

It was our final class and I was feeling really good that I decided to change the style of my character and overall look of the book. This new direction had breathed new life into the project for me and I was now excited where before I felt my creative process wasn’t moving forward. This meant I had to redo some of the work I had already done but I was glad to do so and the process helped me think more about characterisation a second time around.

I set out first to do my character poses and as it turned out, my new character was fun to work with as each iteration the expressions became more playful. The process was also relatively simple as my character is not that complicated requiring only minor changes to be made for a different expression. In Adobe illustrator, I made a kind of ‘parts palette’ from the base body shape, eyes, eyebrows and mouth then tweaked them slightly.  

1NEW Character Pose_Expressions-1.jpg

For my backgrounds, I wanted to use a subtle texture that would give the book a visual ‘feel’, when I was a child I remember reading books that had textured photographic backgrounds like cardboard or sand or leaves etc. That really stood out to me and has remained a strong memory of my childhood, I wanted to achieve something similar with the design of my book by providing a visual experience while reading. I thought about the big blue sky and started making comparisons to a big blue ocean and felt there was a kind of connection between air and water. 

I had already taken photos of water ripples at the beach and wanted this pattern as my texture. I used a masking effect in Photoshop and applied it to various coloured gradients to represent different sky times e.g. sunrise, daytime and sundown or dusk.  

Taking all these elements I made some mock-up pages from the story and was very happy with the results.


Luke Pidcock