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DGD230 - BLOG – 5 - STUDIO 3 – Project 3: Infographic – Project 4: XD Class - Project 5: Branding Collateral

DGD230 - BLOG – 5 - STUDIO 3 – Project 3: Infographic – Project 4: XD Class

Projects 3 - 4 - 5 – Week 5:

This week’s class started off with a feedback/crit session of our infographic projects, it was interesting to see how others approached their design and interpreted a visual representation of data. Nearly everyone received equal amounts of critiquing and praises for their work. Some of the feedback I received about changes to my design I had already considered myself, but I didn’t, that’s why these sessions are so helpful, hearing from another person’s perspective, especially when it confirms what you already thought.

By the end of this project I learned the visual representation of data can be tricky, it needs to be easily understood and not overly complicated in its presentation. It’s also about people’s interpretation and how that information makes a statement. These lessons are certainly a take away piece of knowledge and something to remember in my next design.

Here is my final infographic, was I successful?


I must admit I went into this XD class somewhat ignorant about the process of app design. However, I now realise how important each step of research and planning is to understand a chosen target market and their desired user experience.   

The style of app I chose to develop was an assistive type, the kind that improves a user’s life in some way or enhances their experience’s somehow. In society, it can be difficult to break down social barriers, decrease anxiety in public places and make conversation easy. The purpose of my app is to provide a step by step interaction guide for shy and socially awkward people who want to connect. I tentatively called the app “Conversation Wingman” or “Wing person” to avoid gender bias.

The app would have a simple and easy to use interface and be responsive given interaction time. The user would select key information about the social settings they are attending e.g. locations and situations such as a bar, a BBQ, office party or first date and manage the experience by making suggestions and providing prompts about what to say and how to act in these scenarios.


While being a helpful tool to those lost for words an important feature of my app is the target user maintains control over their comfortability level. The choices they make, although suggested are still theirs, you don’t want to frighten the poor bunny rabbit! Additional features and benefits allow more connection opportunities and rewards to increase confidence levels.

Working on this project was fun, interesting and helpful. I learned how important analysing and tailoring user experience is to app design. Below are examples some user experience tests.

For this next project, we again worked with audio students but not collaboratively, they were our clients and we their design helpers, it was good practice for working with real-world clients. The brief was to design an album cover for a band, group or artist, that represented their brand, it’s values and characteristics. it was up to us as designers to interview thoroughly for answers and inspiration for a design solution, of course we also had to create something they liked.

I did my interview during a lunch hour as I couldn’t be in class for the allotted time, I had other commitments and communicated this to my client who was thankfully flexible, a good example of the transferrable skill time management.

My client was a member of “Sky in July”, a 60’s surf rock beach psyche revival band. I hadn’t heard of that music genre but was familiar with their influences Babe Rainbow, the Growlers, Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead and The Beetles…so lots of happy hippy rainbow rock music. Their sound is described as calm, fun, groovy and dancy and for any age group, which is an important value to them, but probably appeals more to fanatics of older style music who like going to a venue for a live gig. Sky in July plans to revitalise psyche surf music by branding themselves as creators of groovy 60’s revival music that’s fun to listen to. 

I wasn’t surprised by the client’s design preferences for vintage colours, fat bubble type lettering to be accompanied by swirls, rainbows, suns and flowers. A groovy 60’s design style was on order so I put together a mood board and produced mock up images based on feedback, surprisingly the client opted for one as the design they liked and wanted.   

 See my far-out efforts below man…



Luke Pidcock