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DGD230 - BLOG – 6 - STUDIO 3 – Project 5: Branding Collateral

DGD230 - BLOG – 6 - STUDIO 3 – Project 5: Branding Collateral

Project 5 – Week 6:  

We began class with another feedback/crit session to look our album cover branding, there were some frustrated designers whose interviews either hadn’t gone well or didn’t happen at all. I was optimistically quiet about my progress because I had (kinda) received approval from my client for a simple design they really liked and accepted already. As efficient as that sounds, there was something nagging at me about this, I felt I’d gotten off too easy and not produced a quality design which didn’t sit well with me despite my client’s agreeable nature.

During the feedback, I received valuable input from one of my lectures confirming my doubts. It was true, my design was lacklustre, I’d made the mistake of submitting mock-up work to my client who took it as completed designs and then made a decision. This was a very valuable lesson, I was encouraged to try harder, put in more effort and show the client something better and convince them my new design is what they want. This action is common for designers who see something is wrong and knows a change is needed for a design to be better.

Below is my new design which still has elements the client liked but makes more of a statement.

Another positive outcome worth mentioning were the interactions between myself and the client. I tried to make communication a priority which I think is an important skill for this kind of project, but there were times I felt I hadn’t corresponded in a timely manner. I became very busy with some external distractions that were overly time consuming and my design work updates to the client became infrequent. Thankfully though, we had started off well and those attitudes continued for the duration of the project.     

Luke Pidcock