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DGD230 - BLOG – 7 - STUDIO 3 – Project 5: Branding Collateral – Project 6: Packaging

DGD230 - BLOG – 7 - STUDIO 3 – Project 5: Branding Collateral – Project 6: Packaging

Project 6 Week 7: 

I like the challenge to redesign packaging, to take an existing product and make it more appealing than the original and or in a different way to attract a new target market. This can be difficult though, if it’s a well know product and its brand is so strong that to change it too much would defeat the purpose and possibly damage marketability. That’s why if you hold true to what the brand represents but strengthen the core values a redesign should be successful. That was going to be my redesign approach for McKenzie’s Foods Cream of Tartar.

This well-known company has been in business since 1852 and in that time earned a reputation as a reliable trusted brand with at least one of their products in everyone’s pantry. Their bland labelling is instantly recognisable on the supermarket shelf, indicating the product is cheap, a clever marketing ploy used in merchandising to influence consumer purchases. I felt this hurt the product more than helped it as cheap can indicate poor quality.

BLOG PartB.3.jpg

My plan was to lift the look of the product by increasing its appeal to attract new customers, but in a way, that maintained the values and reputation of a trusted brand familiar to loyal customers. The original McKenzie label uses a high contrast 4 colour palette with a predominant red brown for the cream of tartar, I felt it important to stick to these colour schemes to align with merchandising. I used light earthy colour tones with baked goods watermarks to create a traditional look and mouthfeel to associate with other McKenzie’s baking products.

I wanted to portray a sense of style and elegance, I softened the sharp edges and used a shield for presentation. For the type I used a fancy serif for the logo title and a script for the product name, I then added floral swirls to accentuate my design. I repeated this for the playdough recipe on the back by adding a monogram, I would have changed the recipe but had concerns about a higher word count affecting the layout of other text which I kept as standard because of the information.

BLOG PartA.3.jpg

I believe my re-design still communicates the values of the brand but strengthen its image as a trusted and reliable product. My design adds a new sense of refinement and deeper feel of tradition with a look that says “quality” where the original label was not a selling point at all.

Luke Pidcock