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DGD230 - BLOG – 8 - STUDIO 3 – Project 6: Packaging

DGD230 - BLOG – 8 - STUDIO 3 – Project 6: Packaging

Project – 6 Week 8: 

It was time to re-design the re-design. The second thing I noticed when choosing the Cream of Tartar product for this project (the first being the bland labelling) was its handy little cylinder shape that allowed to fit neatly amongst and even better on top of other additives and spices in the pantry. It seemed to me that this would be the perfect package design for this kind of product and others like it, so how could I better this? I thought about the pros, compact in size, made from light weight tin, easy and cheap to transport and is recyclable. Then I looked at the cons, being a cylinder, it stacks perfectly on top of another but side by side with other cylinders leaves an unusable gap, in fact, the more there are there more gaps! It wasn’t a huge deal breaker because the gap is very small and the tin is light and so economical for transport. So, I did some research into the material and discovered the extraction of raw bauxite is detrimental to the planet. I thought that was damning information for the package design except tin is 100% recyclable and it is only new tin that is not eco-friendly.  

However, there was a noticeable flaw in the package I felt needed a serious re-design and I was certain most people would agree with me and if they’ve had a similar experience. One of the ingredient measurements that is commonly taken from the small tin is a tablespoon, the size of the opening is very tight and not all tablespoon shapes can fit through easily or come back out. If you try to tip out the product onto a spoon there is a rim for where lid fastens making it awkward and messy, so I thought what if the tin was flatter and the opening was wider? The adjusted dimensions shouldn’t affect storage with other shaped tins or transport because it is the same cubic amount of material, but may affect the storage space other items at ground level. I have some experience in logistics and trying to load and transport items of different shapes and sizes can be a nightmare.

I could go on and on but I decided the best solution for my re-design was to change the packaging from a tin cylinder to cardboard and the shape to a flat square box. I first noticed the template made it easier to layout information and graphic elements. The other benefits were, easy product extraction, has a better storage shape when packed or stacked together, is light weight and easy to transport (especially when flat unlike tins), is recyclable AND biodegradable, more importantly its aesthetical for my re-design when marketed as a stylish and elegant traditional trusted brand. I did learn McKenzie’s Foods previously packaged their Cream of Tartar in this way and wondered why they changed it, I thought of many reasons but felt that answer can wait until it’s time to re-design my re-design. For now, here is my re-design… 


Luke Pidcock