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DGD230 - BLOG – 12 - STUDIO 3 – End of Trimester Reflection

DGD230 - BLOG – 12 - STUDIO 3 – End of Trimester Reflection=

Project: Studio Showcase

So ends another Trimester, No.5 this time and it is followed by a much desired break. This has been one of my more interesting trimesters, with so many challenges and a change of pace in project work that called for us all to produce or best in shorter time frames. I felt this was as close as we would get to a hectic real-world studio experience, so for me, it was a cool note to finish on and have it all done…I hope!

My journey is nearly drawing to an end and I’m sad to say goodbye to classmates that I’ve formed great friendships and had the pleasure of working with. These are some super talented people and I can’t wait to see what they do next…

That does it for me here, please see below some images of all our work and the next generation of designers to come.