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DGD230 - BLOG – 11 - STUDIO 3 – Project 4: XD Revisited

DGD230 - BLOG – 11 - STUDIO 3 – Project 4: XD Revisited

Project – 4 Week 10:

I have to say, I am still very excited by this new software and having worked with the perilous Adobe Muse, XD is a god send. The most obvious plus is the interface which has functions and tools identical to other Adobe software that I’m familiar with. It makes the design process so much easier and more comprehensive.

One important and likeable feature is you can build your own assets…! How come they didn’t think of this before? Anyway, it doesn’t matter now because I have access to it and that’s what’s important. I applied all my paper prototyping post-it notes to a digital mock-up and then polished it all off with custom made everything but borrowed background UpSplash photography. So, here’s a “Say Thanks” to that talent that I didn’t do while downloading their beautiful photos and obvious hard work.

Basing my interface on the feedback and data I received from the UX tests, I designed my App for simple, quick and incognito usage. What would be the point of it if it took away the ability to connect with other people by being stuck to a screen for long periods?

So, visually I kept my design dark and brief on content, but included other features that could be accessed at leisure and as confidence levels rose. Looking back at this as my first App design, I think I did a pretty good solo job, however, I think it might be more interesting working with a team of people…?

I discovered that designing an assistive App is not easy, there are good intentions but you soon discover that not everyone’s needs are being met which I is probably counterproductive to the idea in the first place. I’m certain that happens in the early stages of many interactive technologies and requires lots of fine tuning afterwards. So, I stuck to what was produced and discussed in class and ‘tweaked and tailored it’ as best I could.

Please see below my work in progress, creating a mobile keyboard and artboard linkage…

Luke Pidcock