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DGD230 - BLOG – 9 - STUDIO 3 – Project 7: Story Book

DGD230 - BLOG – 9 - STUDIO 3 – Project 7: Story Book

Project – 7 Week 9:

The first lesson I learned before even starting this project was to never think you are fully prepared without thoroughly checking the brief first.

This project was a carry-over from the digital illustrations we did for the children’s book and we were now designing the layout. I hadn’t been able to attend the class due to caring for family with illness and missed vital information I would have received by being there. It wasn’t a complete disaster though, as I was able to schedule time with my lectures and get things sorted.

One of the main issues I had was a difficulty with was setting up my layout using InDesign. Unintentionally I had disregarded this software, being able to bypass tasks by only using some basic functions but never delving deep enough into its true potential…this is starting to sound like a Ninjago episode!

I find though, when met with a lack of knowledge or the need for understanding, I take the time to do research and educate myself to the level that I then feel comfortable. Such was the case with this Adobe software, I get real benefit from exploratory progression, committing to memory the particular features I find effective or which help my chosen design approach.

My first iteration was to the instructed specifications but I wasn’t thrilled with the look of my book. I had stuck to margin confinements and restricted my visuals, to me this gave the book a contained or clenched display and I hated it. I later let loose the boundaries and opened up my imagery to full page splashes that looked much more pleasant. 

Although this project started rough, the end product I produced was by my hand and designed with a better understanding of the required software.

Please see below some of the print ready pages from the Story Book Layout…

Luke Pidcock