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DGD220 - BLOG – 9 - STUDIO 2 – Project 2-3

DGD220 - BLOG – 9 - STUDIO 2 – Project 2-3

Industry people & businesses, Incubator Studio Opportunity - Week 9:

 This blog will be short and sweet but for a good reason. We were to research local design and creative industries, find out who the key players are and who we would like to work with. What I mostly came across was a lot of individuals and freelance creatives that cover a broad range of skills from web design, photography, illustration, brand development and logo design just to name a few. Here are some examples I took note of and their classy sites:

-       JRGD

-       Webpub

-       Your Business Web Design

-       Bec Studio

-       36 Negative

So, what I was thinking is I’m a bit too old for agency work and trying to keep up with younger designers who can pull 16 hour shifts or don’t have the responsibilities and distractions I have. My skeleton of a plan is to network with as many creative people as possible, establish multiple contacts and try to source contract work where possible.

This was already becoming a reality as over the last week or so I was considered, offered and included in an opportunity along with other classmates for a ‘Incubator Studio’ that would be operated through SAE. This is a great starting concept for myself and others to gain real world experience with clients and some traction in establishing ourselves as serious creatives within the industry. At the same time, we can promote SAE by using the campus facilities and having invaluable support from lecturers to help guide and kick start us in the right direction.

I truly believe this idea will work, so much so I have been constantly promoting it, motivation and encouraging my fellow class mates involved to see it through to fruition… fingers crossed. 

Luke Pidcock