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DGD220 - BLOG – 10 - STUDIO 2 – Project 2-3 – Trimester Reflection

DGD220 - BLOG – 10 - STUDIO 2 – Project 2-3 – Trimester Reflection

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I hope you are prepared, because this is the big one.

So, I have again reached the end of yet another trimester and draw that one step closer to the end of my degree. So much has happened this time, there has been a wonderful mixture of ups and downs that has moulded my learning and taught me more about people and myself than previous trimesters. I have formed stronger friendships and acquired more skills to bulk up my designer utility belt.

As the end of the tri got closer, I upped my max effort and as a result I am very tired from getting up early and going to bed late, from spending lots of time at uni and long hours in front of my computer at home. Even now, as I am typing this, I’m watching the clock and trying to get this finished before the deadline. Because of that factor I will break things down into subheadings for reflective ease…

Main event - Studio Exhibition for Industry Businesses & People:

Project 2 and 3 have finally come together, there is some kind of poetic nature involved as one could not exist without the other. It has certainly been a mission to get to the end but was worth all the work and effort that went into it. I enjoyed sitting in class and watching everyone while we all hurried about our tasks, some frantic, some freaked and others having fun. It was more like a factory or production line rather than a studio environment, the wheels of creative industry were humming, churning and producing.

Project 2-3 Contribution:

I chose to work on an infographic, a DL Flyer and Poster for the project. I used all the Adobe Software I knew to make my designs and after they returned from the printer I was very happy, nothing like getting a package that contains goodies of your efforts that look so good! I also went a step further by creating lots of tactile and tangible objects that would be on display and add to the viewers visual experience. Of course, I would be there too in one form or another.

I also worked on drink coasters for the evening, this was a fun design task and I felt the end result worked well. I got tonnes of support and encouragement from my lecturers through the process and learnt about new prepress techniques I hadn’t before and the task would have nicely come full circle if only I still drank beer.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.53.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.54.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.54.38 PM.png

Setting Up for the Night:

It took approximately 3 hours to get everything in place and ready for the guests. Our design team of three were really lucky because the audio students had set up the bulk of their equipment already so we knew where we could work and where we could position our designables (I know that’s not a word). The comradery we had established earlier as a team was so helpful with our interactions, there was not one dispute and we were all friends from start to finish.

My Live Performance Within our Activated Space:

I called the alien Glib Glob, or least that was the supposed planet of origin. I had way too much fun entertaining viewers and I hope they enjoyed the performance also. I think it added an extra interesting design element to our area as did Bri and Bek who ushered or stewarded(?) people into the visual and audio bonanza. The projections and audio were out of this world (too much pun?), interestingly I was in costume and character for a little over 2 hours but I wasn’t’ uncomfortable at all with the experience, really a nice place to be on planet Glib Glob.

Glib Glob.jpg

Design Exhibition – Photography and Digital Illustration:

My photos weren’t that hot but it’s hard to work with a head like mine. I did however get to repurpose my failed Picatic design, since I felt like my first digital illustration didn’t fair too well, this was the perfect place for all the effort I put into my second and by doing away with the feeling of regret I failed to put into the first one.

My Speech and What I Should Have or Forgot to Say:

I was awarded a great opportunity to speak on behalf of the design students at the exhibition. I was somewhat disappointed with my efforts for reasons of either being in the activated alien space zone or brain fatigue from lack of sleep and forced charge from energy drinks. Call it an excuse or a reason but these are the following things I wish I had said:

-       I should have said more about my experience, how SAE has become a second home, how I couldn’t say enough positive things about the place like the high-tech facilities, how awesome the faculty is, how they have taught me more about techniques, more about keeping up to date with trends and advancing/future technology in the 20yrs I have freelanced on and off, also how extremely helpful, super supportive and well organised administration are and the huge pool of talent SAE produces.

Oh well, maybe another time…

Packing Down the Exhibition:

As quickly as it felt like it just started it was all over and the nasty had to be done. To be honest, it wasn’t really that bad, just time consuming. I guess though it felt like a job well done closure task and it was good to leave our space clean and undamaged. I found myself alone but soon began working together with just one other audio student, we discussed our approaches to group work, what we got out of it and how we both dealt with issues good and bad. This wasn’t a complaint session about others but more of a reflective unwinding, a very positive experience to finish up the end of a trimester by connecting with someone from another discipline and hearing their perspective.

Final Reflection:

Wow, did you make it this far? What a ‘prattling on’ you have suffered, if it’s any consolation I appreciate it if you’ve read the download of my thoughts or should I say release? They both feel like suitable descriptions to me.

I want to say that this tri was better than the last, maybe that’s because there was such a larger event to finish it off. I really enjoyed the tri before and was super proud of my efforts but this tri was different in so many ways. Like I said before, the mix of ups and downs and the relationships I formed have all added to an experience and created a piece to me that I won’t forget. I used many transferrable skills to achieve success but in different scenarios which have concreted in my learning positively. I am looking forward to the next tri, to see what it challenges it brings but I am not looking forward to the end of my degree (yes I want to accomplish but it seems too quick), when that happens I will truly miss my life at SAE but maybe there is something I can do about that, I just have to talk to the right people…

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Luke Pidcock