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DGD220 - BLOG – 7 - STUDIO 2 – Project 2

DGD220 - BLOG – 7 - STUDIO 2 – Project 2

3 Pitch/Presentation & Design Process – Week 7:

 It was time to pitch our “Dream Theme” to SAE Faculty and Marketing personal (the client). The presentation was labelled as a friendly a competition against other design student groups but secretly… or was I openly? (maybe) regardless, I wanted to win!

My group began by compiling surrealistic dream images for inspiration as that was to be the visual foundation of our theme. We wanted to give our viewers a sense of dreamlike wonderment, to recreate the feeling of what our journey had been like while pursuing or creative dreams during our time studying at SAE. From there we created mock-up work in the way of posters and other visual designs for the promotional content required for the upcoming studio exhibition.


Further to these examples I took some photos of key campus areas where the exhibition would take place then overlayed some quick digital illustrations to give a better representation to our intended set up. I felt this was essential because it is easy to say ‘what’ you are going to do but to show ‘how’ you are going to do it, makes a bigger impact. I attribute this action to our success, for example, my concept for lighting the foyer entrance with a rainbow that you can walk through immediately puts the viewer ‘inside’ the exhibition.

Dark Dreams2.jpg

So yes, our idea was the winning concept, not that it was about winning… even though I was very excited and proud that we did. It seems appropriate at this and as a shameless plug to mention the cherry on top was my tagline “Imagine Creating Dreams”. I believe this pulled our entire concept together because it was very well received by faculty and our clients SAE marketing, the clincher you might say.

Despite our victory, it wasn’t easy getting there. The journey to success started with some typical group frustrations while putting together our presentation. There were feelings of resentment from group members towards others about levels of contribution. I myself did not have this issue as I had learnt from previous group work that shifting focusing on negative behaviour doesn’t get the job done. I used my transferrable skill utility belt to douse these concerns and redirect the energy back towards task. I gave examples of my own experience which seemed to make sense to those who were unhappy and the workflow resumed. I guess you could say the proof was in the pudding due to our success… not that it was ever about winning! (insert winking emoji here).

I talked about this situation later that week in my transferrable skills meeting and it felt positive to know that from what I had learned and the transferrable skills I had applied worked not only for myself and others.

Luke Pidcock