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DGD220 - BLOG – 8 - STUDIO 2 – Project 2-3

DGD220 - BLOG – 8 - STUDIO 2 – Project 2-3

2 Presentation Re Pitch, Project 3 Picatic design, After Effects & Making Sounds from Images - Week 8:

There was a lot going on this week, up first was providing an update on our Project 2 progress via a re-pitch to faculty. As mentioned in a previous Blog Post, I felt the direction of each discipline was not in alignment with one another. So, I arranged to meet with one of the audio students (Florian Delain) to discuss our (design students) concerns and compare progress and see if we could sync the creative process. Myself and Florian did a step by step walk through of how our creative/reactive space journey would work, what the audience would see, what they would hear and how they might feel about their overall experience. I was really glad we took this opportunity, because when it came to our re-pitch our collaborative group couldn’t have been more on track with each other.

Prior to this day, I had been working hard on designing my studio 2 deliverables. I wanted to make an infographic a DL Flyer/pamphlet and poster that would provide a viewer of the experience they would encounter (especially with the resident alien!). Here are examples of my work.

Infographic DL Flyer.jpg
Space Boot.jpg

I also found filling out the Group Timesheet a handy way of keeping track of what I was doing and how much I had done for the project.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.37.38 PM.png

Within the same week, our project 3 group was required to work on the promotional material for the end of tri studio exhibition. We needed to take our dream concept and make it design reality in the form of digital invites sent out via an online ticket booking site called ‘Picatic’. Now, when I think about it, I couldn’t exactly say what happened to the rest of my group but the sole responsibility of getting it completed fell to me. This situation was like an old friend visiting (I’m am attempting to make light the scenario), I wasn’t too stressed about getting it done but maybe a little about not meeting the deadline… but hey, what’s a solo guy to do?

I took lots of photos of different items and locations to be used as elements in a surrealistic image and consistent with our theme. I believe that’s what made the finished image so cool, nothing was borrowed and everything was designed from scratch. Like last tri, I learnt a lot about a program I was mostly unfamiliar with. Photoshop and I spent some quality time together and developed and understanding, my lecturers always promote self-directed learning which I believe to be an important skill when you have an idea in mind or direction you want to go and don’t know how. Figuring processes out by yourself can be very rewarding, especially if you are happy with the end result. Here is the final image I created… 

Digital Illustration.jpg

To get this far, I once again applied some handy transferrable skills like a strong work ethic (which was necessary because I worked at another job all that weekend and had to do the designing in the mornings before starting and then after work). I also used good communication by liaising back and forth with my lecturers for feedback and support.

There was an unexpected downside that followed to all the effort I put forth, the image I had designed was rejected by SAE marketing for the studio exhibition invites and although this feedback was disappointing, I knew this result could be typical of designer-client interaction. I wasn’t deterred though, I received lots of support and encouragement from people stating my work was awesome despite it not being used. In the back of my mind, I had a plan where is could be used later…

I just quickly wanted to add before finishing that I really enjoyed the After Effects and ‘Making Sounds from Images’ classes. I learned new techniques with After Effects and felt more competent while using the program than last time, the image audio class was such a great concept and ingenious way of utilising design and audio I would. have never thought possible. Both classes were very inspiring and have given me many ideas about an end of degree major project. 

Luke Pidcock