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About Luke Pidcock

Uniquely creative, freshly innovative

and never duplicated.

Illustration, Design and Photographic

solutions for business and people.


Tools of the trade. My pacers and my computer.

Tools of the trade. My pacers and my computer.


Luke Pidcock

Creativity is alive in me. In particular, I love to draw.

I grew up during the 1980's on a healthy diet of cartoons and comics which inspired me to create my own characters and their stories.

My thirst for other artistic mediums such as painting, photography and graphic design nourished my passion further, enriching the lives of those around me.

For the past 21 years I have been working freelance, drawing and designing for clients. My qualifications and experience include Visual Art, Digital Art, Animation and Design. Presently, I am undertaking a Masters of Creative Industries after recently completing a Bachelors in Design at SAE Byron Bay.

As my creative journey continues, I am always on the lookout for opportunities to use my skills and help people. When I'm not creating for others I seek to collaborate with like minded people who can teach me new skills. So, if you're ready, head to that contact page and let's make something!





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